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Conversation with Lynn Chen

Discover this Upcoming Actress of Many Talents
In this in-depth interview with this hard-working NYC-based actress

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US ASIANS: What do you think about Asian Pacific American actors that do an Asian accent? What would be your criteria before doing such a role?

LYNN CHEN: It’s great for them, if they can do it convincingly. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it myself, because I am just no good at it, but if someone wanted to pay for me to have a coach, and I was happy with the way it sounded, I’d be fine with it.

US ASIANS: What do you think about Gedde Watanabe’s role in “16 Candles?”

LYNN CHEN: When I was growing up, I was just glad that he existed, that there was someone Asian playing a major role in a movie that everyone I knew watched. Now, looking back, I really wish he hadn’t used those forks as chopsticks…


US ASIANS: Who is your favorite APA filmmaker/director?

LYNN CHEN: My buddy Eric Lin, who was also the director of “Fortune.”

US ASIANS: Have you ever worked with Greg Pak? (prominent NYC director who recently completed “Robot Stories?”

LYNN CHEN: No, but I believe he was the panel discussion leader for the works-in-progress films at the Asian American International Film Festival a few years ago. “Fortune” was featured in that discussion, so I heard some of his feedback on that.


US ASIANS: What are your current favorite Asian/Asian Pacific American films?

LYNN CHEN: I saw “Bend it like Beckham” and “Better Luck Tomorrow” when they came out, both of which I enjoyed and am glad are getting attention.

Shanghai Triad
To Live
Red Sorghum
Yi Yi
LYNN CHEN: I like a lot of Zhang Yimou’s movies: “Shanghai Triad,” "To Live,” and “Red Sorghum” were all great. I also liked Edward Yang’s “Yi Yi” – the kid in that makes me smile, he’s so cute. (Editor's Note: To review a list of prominent Asian/Asian Pacific American films, review the available list by clicking HERE. To purchase any of Lynn's suggestion, click on the titles listed above.)

US ASIANS: How important are the contributions of such people as Anna May Wong, Phillip Ahn, Keye Luke, Bruce Lee, James Hong, Nancy Kwan, Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Soo, Bessie Loo, James Wong Howe, James Shigeta and other pioneers? (List of prominent Asian Pacific American pioneers and leaders can be found at the "Features Section.")

LYNN CHEN: Like all great pioneers, they helped pave the way for future generations and that is quite significant.

US ASIANS: How would you like to be involved with the promotion of Asian Pacific American actors and/or the Asian Pacific American Cinema?

LYNN CHEN: I’d be glad to step up and represent in any way that I can.

US ASIANS: Would you consider being part of an organization - SAG’s APA Caucus, OCA, Welly Yang’s 2nd Generation Theater Group, CAPE, etc? (List of Asian Pacific American media advocacy organizations can be found at the "Resource Section.")

LYNN CHEN: If I had the time, and believed in the organization, I would gladly consider being a part of it.


What is your highest priority(s) in life? (i.e. entertainment career, acting, music, dancing, friends, family, marriage, other pursuits, etc.?)

Head Shot
LYNN CHEN:  Family – my current one, and my future one.

US ASIANS: How would you like to be known, as it relates to you as an actress?

LYNN CHEN: Someone who’s fun to act with.

US ASIANS: How would you like to be known, as it relates to you as a person?

LYNN CHEN: Someone who’s fun to be around.

US ASIANS: What three (3) words would be described Lynn as a person and as an artist?

LYNN CHEN: Optimistic, open-minded, and hungry.

US ASIANS: Thank you for your time.


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